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job interviewYour Job interview preparation is a vital part of ensuring that you as candidate will succeed at interview.  Your fantastic resume has obviously done its job of helping you express your career to date and the level of your knowledge and now comes the time of the interview itself.

The job interview is the difficult part for both a hiring manager and a candidate when it comes to find the right person for a new position.  The good news is that because you are being asked for a job interview the job is yours as long as you don’t make any mistakes.  If you have a look around the website, often you will find tips on what to do in your next job interview, but very rarely will you find any tips on what not to do in your job interview.  Recruitment consultant’s will do a fantastic job of preparing their candidates for interview, and this is one of best reasons why you should find your new job through an external recruitment consultant, however they will usually focus on preparations that deal with the “what you should do in a specific situation”, and not on the “ what you should not do in a specific situation”, which frequently have a far greater impact on the result of the employment interview.

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Here are Five great Interview Preparation Tips to help you get the Job:

1) Don’t use generalities such as “I’m a natural team player”

Everyone says yes to this question when asked and quite frankly these kinds of generalities regarding personal strengths are ignored, or simply go unevaluated.  If you are asked the question then you must say yes, however you also need to explain where and how you are a team player.  Saying that you’re a team player is great but given every other candidate will also say yes, then you need to makes sure that you use examples to back-up what you have said.
2) Do Not say That You Don’t Have any Weaknesses 

Its important to remember that everyone has weaknesses, however some candidates can openly talk about their weakness and some try to hide away from the fact they have weakness as they think that this will mark them down. The purpose of this question is not entirely focused on discovering your very own weak spots as its rather used with the intention to figure out your personality, honesty, and capacity to self-evaluate.
3) Don’t provide answers that are too short or too long
You should remember that all through an interview, you are being judged not just on the content material of your own answers, but also the quality and conciseness of the way you present them.  No one wants to listen to you speak for 20 minutes to answer a question that could easily be answered in few simple sentences, but at the same time, if you really do not answer the question fully then you are making a mistake.  A great example of this would be in question one – are you a team player.  If you just answer yes, then actually you have made a mistake as you need to go into further details to explain what you mean by you being a team player.
4) Don’t ask “what’s in it for me” queries
Remember that an interview is a two way procedure. For that reason, at the outset of the interview make sure to sell yourself and demonstrate your most powerful features and exactly how these could benefit the business.
5) Don’t look at your own Resume
Reviewing your own Resume is a sign you’re either apprehensive (which you will be), or perhaps you made-up something.
Employment interviews are normally employed to box-check and confirm capabilities against the job requirements. This can be frequently coupled with the interviewers gut feel relating to you. Stopping what may go amiss is a superb route to be sure things go right.

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Do you really need a specific car GPS Navigation Unit? The direct response to this question is yes you do, as whilst its simple to use your Smart phone and lets be honest they are very good and getting better by the year, they have a few important things which if you neglect will cause you difficulties.

Firstly they are expensive which means that when you drop your Smart phone of the floor and break the display screen, you may have a nice payment to replace it. Secondly, nearly all smart phones units, do not work well with water and thus if you’re out in the rain, you will not be able to use your Cell phone in case it gets wet and if it does get wet, again you are going to have a nice bill when it comes to replacing it.  Smartphone also cost lots of money with a new Apple I-Phone retailing at over $600 which is not something you want to replace to often unless you have won the lottery.

Garmin 50LM GPS Unit

Specific Trucking GPS units, even for the most costly models tend to be less expensive than a low priced Cell phone.  As an example even the most expensive Garmin or TomTom unit comes in at around $450 where as a i-Phone 5 retails without a contract at well over this figure, therefore if it does get stolen, lost or broken the damage to your wallet is substantially less. Additionally a GPS Unit will often have a lot of wonderful features that will help you with your navigation. These great features will include turn by turn instructions, in-built speakers or even lane assistance all to help you find your way from point A to point B in the quickest time.

Personally I think its obvious that you do need to have a specific car GPS unit, but the real question is do you need to go for the most high-priced GPS product, or are you able to actually deal with the best value unit on the market. Generally large, high priced GPS systems such as an In-dash GPS come with a lot of functions that you do not actually need meaning that you have actually wasted lots of money on functions that you really need not have got.

Unless you are going to do some major cross country driving, you really need to traffic alarms? The answer is whilst these are nice to have, the additional price means that you can quite happily forget about them. Pick a GPS device that comes with good features, but features that you’re intending to use. If you are not going to make use of the features then there is basically no sense in getting this model and you could as well spare the money and order a cheaper unit.

That said, the last thing that you want to do is to buy a cheap GPS Navigator and find out that actually you have to buy another one because your model does not come with a selection of functions that you really need.  Buy the cheapest Car GPS unit just because you don’t want to spend money will actually cost you money in the long run. If you have buy two units, the cost of both together with cost you considerably more that simply buying a great unit to begin with so make sure that you choose wisely.


Banking CareersJust about the most rewarding but difficult professions to get into is the world on finance. The best candidates with the perfect scores from the perfect universities and institutions have typically found themselves not able to get into this marketplace as there can be often a lot competition. Investment banks will often be receiving many hundreds of applications for their college graduate schemes and thus for you to stand any potential for being successful with your application you need to be sure that your job application is perfect and you understand how to interview well. More information about 3d printers is located here

Creating a resume for a Banking application is actually very easy. You need to simply make certain you note down a lot of different experiences with Banking and Investment Banking. One great way to do that is to make certain you have watched as many Finance and Banking Documentaries as is possible and therefore fully understand how a banks investment team operates and how your own career path really fits into this area of a bank. Once you have watched countless video clips, you then need to ensure you have read the greatest stock market books that will often contain information about how to achieve success. Its a wise idea to try and use an many relevant financial words on your Resume as is possible especially when you’re looking at 3D Printers which you want to own at home.

After you have sent you resume out to banks, you then need to ensure that you get ready for your job interview in the very best way as without planning a great interviewer will catch you out and make sure that you either cannot answer a question or have no idea of how to answer a question. Preparation is the key to making certain you may not look silly ahead of your interviewer.

Finance Careers

As part of your job interview preparation, you need to ensure that you look at the company website and any other social media sites that you can find. The business website provides you with a lot of information about how exactly the firm operates and the things they are good at and the things they are not good at. Social networking sites will give you an indication of who your interviewer is and they have completed is their career. Once you learn this then you are able to prepare some questions to ask at the interview meaning that you will have something to speak about.