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Garmin 50LM GPS UnitSatNav Unit or SatNav App – this is the questions facing drivers today when they come to buy a satnav device.  In the past, if you bought a satnav you were never really sure whether you were going to be more or less lost by following its instructions, however today, if you enter your destination, the SatNav will accurately take you to your destination and on the more expensive models you can even get added functions such as speed limit alerts, voice command, bluetooth and screens so large that you can always see your satnav model.

Two SatNav Devices

Unless your car is already fitted with an built in model probably you will choose between a couple of devices: either a free standing unit, which in turn will be postioned on a dashboard, or an app downloaded onto your cell phone.  One problem with both types of sat nav models is that the more detailed the maps are the larger the price tag. On a lot of models you can however buy up-to-date maps at a later stage.  Screen size is no issues with the satnav models, however does become a problem with the app option as the small screen on your smartphone can make it difficult to see.  Road safeness is vital so you don’t want to be scrunching up your eyes to understand the route plan, therefore it’s great to find out more about the display screen size and be sure you are comfortable with it.  Even if you are going to buy your device via the internet, it’s a really good idea to try these out in a shop first.  On higher-end devices traffic updates may be an option, warning you of traffic problems on the highway ahead, either shifting your arrival time or offering you an alternate route.

The SatNav Models

Price tags are variable and will depend on the place where you buy it, however endorsed by is the TomTom GO which includes maps of the UK, Ireland and Western Europe. It comes with zero cost road-map updates for the lifetime of the unit, bluetooth so that you can connect your unit to your phone for hands free calls and voice command to help control your unit.

Our second favourite is the 7-inch Garmin 760LMT which comes with lifetime map updates, traffic, speed camera signs and hands-free calls. Additionally it directs by letting you know of real landmarks, as an example “turn right after the church”, rather than the usual turn right after 600 meters, although its very good, it does come with a major price tag.

Software Applications

TomTom One XLS Cheapest GPSPhone software applications have matured and are sometimes as feature-rich as the free-standing devices and the processing performance of nearly all cell phones these days is as effective as the gps devices therefore route calculations and re-calculations are as fast. Nonetheless often the monitor is actually much too small to view the maps on especially any time a difficulty junction approaches and if you receive an inward phone call the gps navigation changes to cellphone mode, which is often distracting.

Downloading maps could use up a good amount of your mobile phone data allowance if you are unable to do so via a Wifi connection prior to deciding to set off. It is suggests that if you decide to use a satnav app you might want to make sure that you have a good screen size and also make sure the app has voice directions.

A Couple of Choices

Aaze is a local community driven free of charge App for Android that enables you to share driver-useful information with others on the road. You can actively record accidents, hazards and road alerts, and it even tells you where the petrol stations are en-route, often with updated prices for fuel. For a no cost app it’s great, although it lags your journey a little more when you compare it to a satnav.

TomTom United Kingdom & Ireland is designed for the smartphone. It is possible to choose locations from your contacts and the app will start to plan your route. The app can then be used in offline mode so that you can download the maps on a Wireless wi-fi signal and avoid totally wasting your data allowance.

CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland for IOS and Android. It offers you up to 3 alternate routes for every trip and you can choose between 2D as well as 3D views. Another good point a no cost Active Traffic function for twelve months that computes the fastest route around traffic jams, giving you an estimated time of arrival.